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In 1981, Jeanette began her career in the lending industry; having a previous background in real estate and insurance sales well prepared her for the dramatic and tumultuous market trends. Representing a small mortgage broker in Mission Viejo, CA, Jeanette tackled risky accounts at a time when industry rates had reached an all-time high, hence the arrival of the adjustable rate mortgage.

Jeanette had found that as rates declined, she excelled as a loan officer at a broker shop and worked predominantly with real estate agents in exclusive beach communities in Orange County.  As an award-winning top producer, Jeanette also continued an active role with the local board of realtors.

In 1988, Jeanette moved up to a major mortgage banker, which expanded her client base; instantly, she became the go-to loan officer for mortgage brokers and bankers with “turn down” loans. She worked directly with operation managers and underwriters, garnering approval and funding loans at more competitive rates. Jeanette was then fast-tracked to Manager, where she trained and oversaw production of up to twelve loan officers at once, while maintaining her own book of business. She won numerous awards for being a top money producer both individually and as a team leader.

​In 1996, Jeanette was summoned to Las Vegas to continue consulting in the mortgage industry for a mortgage broker. While there, she trained new loan officers and processors; with Las Vegas’ expansion in the building industry, Jeanette relished the opportunity with high-end lot acquisitions and construction financing, primarily in exclusive gated communities. Working hands-on with architects, title companies and real estate agents, Jeanette aided prospective buyers by searching out the right lot for the right client. The views on each lot were astonishing; Jeanette negotiated contracts on budget, on time, and exceeded her clients’ expectations.

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Then, a turn in the market found Jeanette relocating to Orange County in 2010 where she continued her work in the mortgage industry. Within four years, Jeanette had been approached by many of her former clients who were happy with the manner in which she handled their loans; again, they needed her assistance with new real estate transactions. This prompted Jeanette to go back to her first love, selling real estate. Fulfilling client needs to find mid to high-end homes, many were looking to move up the real estate ladder or build their dream home. Jeanette’s unique combination of a well-established lending background and expertise in mid to high-end home construction continues to give her an edge over those who either lend or sell real estate.

Jeanette lives in Orange County, California where she specializes in listing and selling mid to high-end real estate, lot acquisitions, and finding the right property for her clientele to call home.​​